Interested in joining us in Palm Beach FL. We are accepting new applicants for our community of Artists, worshippers and Intercessors to love our city and our community.

We are creatives who break the lines of status quo and swim against the tide. We love to create and gather community around who we love and serving our neighbor. A Christ centered company of Artists at the heart, we are a missional community to those who are coming to knowing Jesus and having a relationship with him. If this inspires you to dream more and you would love to dream with us, we want to meet with you, we would love to have you here contact us today to join us on a new journey.



A HOME for artists

At the heart of what we do, our highest endeavor is to host a space for people to encounter Jesus. Our purpose is
to create a home for Artists where they can be edified in the body of Christ through community and being taught how to have a personal individual relationship with Jesus to love God with all their hearts and their neighbor as themselves. We hope to create a place where Artists are emboldened to be who they were created to be, and creative people can find their voice. Our highest calling is to be sons and daughters, to have communion with the Father and love one another.



The Art District is invested in creating a community for Artists to be fully equipped in their calling; that involves acknowledging and putting God first in everything we do, thinking of others, and pursuing after God’s heart first as we pursue his heart for the people in our lives. We are a creative missional community to Artists from various fields and creative individuals who inspire. Our community is here to serve and gather resources and support for individuals in the Arts to better impact the world around us and minister the gospel to those we teach, work along side us, walk with us, and do life with us.



Joining our House

If your answer is a yes to all of these three questions then
contact us today we would love to meet with you.

100% Organic Ingredients

Are you teachable and willing to be challenged in your creativity, relationships, and spiritual growth?

All-natural Fragrances

Are you ready to push the boundaries of your limitations, learn from others and expand your creative ability?

Up  to 35 Hours of Burn Time

Can you be dedicated in giving your time and focus to community, being disciplined in your craft and helping others succeed?


We believe we thrive best when we come together. Here creative individuals harmonize their different gifts to work together, create something new, teach others, build, design, and inspire. We see unity as a beautiful tapestry being woven together.


Various class structures give space to individualized learning, collaboration and creative projects. 

Labs focus on technical skills, foundations, and learning the basics in garment design, tailoring and pattern making.

Our classes serve more to direct and to lead while also giving flexibility to creativity. Our structure helps for providing organized learning focused on the environment, subject(s) and objectives. We like to see growth and improvement through long term and short-term practice as well as progress from repetition that leads to muscle memory, long term memory and build the foundation for building blocks for creative and meaningful learning later on. There are many ways it can be done. For our purposes we feel more effective and productive of time having peers work alongside each other, setting individual goals and working on milestones.

Co-Labs give space to various projects, spontaneous ideas, and experimentation.

“Work with a Creative Mentor to reach your goals”

Small groups help artists take their vision off of the paper and make it reality. The team helps to build one another up and facilitate learning that direct classroom instruction alone can’t.

Artists work together on projects forming teams to take their creative vision from their thoughts and ideas and put them on the canvas. Teachers, Trainees, Facilitators and Hosts help artists partner with their peers as a guide to lead and teach them how to work together with humility and communicating effectively organizing their project from beginning to end. 

Design new clothing pieces for Actors on set, dance choreography, and for film projects.

“Learn how to communicate, exchange ideas, and work in a creative environment”

Learn from your peers and other independent Artists by forming relationships in a thriving community.

Learn how to gather and organize resources, recruit participants, and manage various projects.

Your creative mentor will work with you towards your creative goals and term plans to help construct an interest field that is specific to you. Our creative mentors are your go to for support through your term plan for developing as an individual artist and getting you connected to the classes you need and collaboration projects to develop your skills in your specific field of study. Your creative mentor will also work closely alongside you to get you help, assisting you along the way with resources as well as helping you in your small groups and keep track of your goals and milestones in your individual course plans.


  • Sewing & Embroidery
  • Tailoring Garments
  • Pattern Making
  • Dyeing Fabrics
  • Custom Fabric Making
  • Fashion CAD systems
  • Fashion Drawing & Illustration
  • Clothing Manufacturing
  • Fashion Photography
  • Fashion Journalism
  • Ethics in Industry
  • Collaboration in Industry
  • Innovation, Opportunity & Philanthropy in Industry
  • Kingdom Finances
  • Kingdom Ministry in the Workplace
  • Servant Leadership in the Workplace
  • Entrepreneurship in Industry
  • Marketing in Industry



Classes are structured around Artists taking on their own projects, collaborating with each other to work together on company projects and commercial projects.

Fashion Designers create wardrobe sets for theater plays, film sets, skits, dancers and various other projects.


Currently we are accepting applicants for our Full-Time (live in) Artist Residency (age 18-30) and Youth Mentoring Programs (age 13-17).
For all other inquiries please reach out to us and we will get in touch with you at the soonest available time.

See you soon!

Looking for a creative community after God’s heart and making disciples. We are seeking applicants. Find your passion here.

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